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Case 1.

Terry lost his business when his shop burnt down. After trying to "go it alone" Terry came to us. "The way my claim was handled by my insurance company was a disgrace. I would've been completely lost without I.A.S!"

Case 2.

Sue's house was destroyed after a violent storm. She fought over the payout for months until we intervened. "My insurance company was quick enough to take my money but they sure weren't in a hurry to give it back when I needed it. If it wasn't for I.A.S I wouldn't have a house!"

Case 3.

Bob's wife wrote off their brand new car. The insurance company offered him half of what it was worth. Bob came to us. " My insurance company treated me badly. Thanks to I.A.S I got waht I was entitled to!"
We save you time, money and effort (not to mention stress and frustration).

If you don't think your claim is going as planned you can come to us.