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It is true that many claims are settled without a Public Loss Assessor.  It is also true that many tax returns are filed without an Accountant. Would you let the ATO calculate your tax return? You are not required to accept the insurance company’s assessment of your claim if you disagree with it.  You are quite within your rights to seek independent professional help. 

The only reason why anyone takes out an insurance policy is to protect him or her against the possibility of a claim.  When a claim does arise you have the right to expect that your Insurance Company will deal with it in a sympathetic manner and in such a way that does not leave you financially disadvantaged.   

Sadly, the reality is sometimes quite different. 

The way a claim is prepared and presented is every bit as important as the way in which it is negotiated and settled.  You need to appoint a public loss adjuster as soon as you realise that you have a claim.   

Most people do not know what their insurance policy really covers or what they are truly entitled to in the event of a claim.   However, when a claim does occur, the insurance company will offer to pay what is due to you as they see it.  Public insurance adjusters are your exclusive representatives.  At Insurance Adjusting Services our experience and knowledge allows us to work toward a more favourable settlement for you, the insured. 

We put you on an even footing with the insurance company.


As soon as you realise you have a claim you should contact us.  This will enable us to control matters on your behalf from the very beginning. 

We will take over your claim and deal with your insurer and their adjuster for you.  If we are working for you from the beginning, the chances of a problem occurring are greatly reduced.   (However, should a problem arise, we can deal with it without delay thus reducing the likelihood of it becoming a serious difficulty)